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E-commerce Webinar – Woocommerce and Wordpress

The rapid shift to online sales in 2020 saved the small business community in a challenging time. While businesses rose to the occasion and rapidly setup functioning online shops, many used platforms like shopify or squarespace, not realizing that open source options like Woocommerce aren’t that complicated or time consuming. Tune in and learn how to save money and craft a streamlined user friendly shopping experience that works better for your shoppers and for you. Crafting a unique online sales experience can set you apart from competitors and helps to define your branding across all platforms.

Woocommerce is an Ecommerce solution built to be used with WordPress. Both are open-source and free to use. Woommerce is customizable adding to is flexibility in many Ecommerce needs and solution. These make it an ideal candidate for small business as well as big eccomerce sites. Let’s explore together this great tool and learn some of it’s basic structure as we review a simple shop site together. Hosted by Ethan Hunter, it will be live streamed on our YouTube and Facebook pages as well as embedded on this page here.

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