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Locally Produced Hand Sanitizer Keeps the Community – and the Local Economy — Healthy

Local distilleries aren’t just producing hand sanitizer to keep individuals healthy – local businesses now need hand sanitizer to be allowed to open their doors again. On May 12, new regulations went into effect for Nevada County that allow certain businesses to open with strict protocols in place, which include lots of hand sanitizer. Andy…

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Small Business Covid-19 Survival Guide

The Small Business Development Center has released a document laying out ways for your small business to economically survive through the current corona virus crisis. Please share this pdf with anyone who is trying to figure out how to keep their business afloat in these uncertain times. There is more information on the SBDC website….

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Library Helps Close the Digital Divide in Nevada County

Library Helps Close the Digital Divide in Nevada County The days when libraries existed just to loan books are long gone. As Pew research puts it, the library is transforming “from a house of knowledge to a house of access.” Internet access is now critical for everything from research to looking for and applying for…