The NCERC is committed to ensuring a thriving, attractive business environment in Nevada County.

We support scalable ventures that create quality jobs, promote entrepreneurship, help existing businesses, attract new businesses, and contribute to the overall prosperity of the community. Our prime focus is businesses, entrepreneurs and talent that draw from the national and global market, workforce and economy to grow investments and revenue in Nevada County.

Our organization provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration to create strong, informed strategies for Nevada County’s economic ecosystem. Leaders from local public, private, and major industry sectors represent different facets of that ecosystem on our board of directors and executive team.


Citizens of Nevada County have a pioneering, fiercely independent, yet community minded spirit. They are innovators and inventors who want to make a difference, be globally connected, yet live away from the urban environment. Digital technology and high tech manufacturing are high-wage and high-growth industries that support our local workforce by providing both local and remote work opportunities. Our technology sector services and supports all other industries through cross-sector collaborations and initiatives.

To this end, we support a combination of initiatives to develop, retain and attract tech talent and businesses to Nevada County through the Nevada County Tech Connection. A strong, diverse, thriving and connected tech community is the key to economic growth in our county.