Why Nevada County

Sunset Magazine ranks Nevada City #1 Best Value Town 2017
There are many reasons why people choose Nevada County as their forever home: Start Ups looking to extend their runway, young professionals looking to own their first home, families seeking affordable living or better education and safe neighborhoods for their children, seasoned talent redefining themselves with a new business or career or individuals ready to retreat into nature and enjoy their golden years in an inclusive, beautiful community that has something for everyone, no matter what their interest or passion.

Below you will see a few reasons we like to highlight for those exploring our county for the first time. While there are a lot of great places to live and raise a family, you will find enough compelling reasons to move and live here. But you don’t have to figure out how you can move your business and live and work here all by yourself. Let us know what is holding you back and we’ll help you overcome that last tie that prevents you from experiencing the life/work balance of Nevada County. Meanwhile, take a moment to watch “Why Nevada County.”

Bay Area Residents are Flocking to Truckee, CA – You Should Too!

Those familiar with Nevada Counties’ past will know we have a rich legacy in technology innovation. Today that has carried over to a tech eco-system that works together to support, connect and further the work in technology that’s happening here. Nevada County Tech Connection is the hub of the tech wheel. Learn more about it below.