Our Key Industries

Nevada County has a wide spectrum of industries and a resilient economy. The balance of technology, education, healthcare, arts, tourism, manufacturing, construction, retail and many other sectors work together to create a thriving economy.

Our region has a deep roots in high-tech. The world-class video broadcasting company, The Grass Valley Group, was built here among our pine trees. Today you see continued excellence in technology at the Nevada County Tech Hub. It is a thriving representation of our tech eco-system housing start-ups, manufacturing companies, Nevada County Television (NCTV), the Connected Communities Academy, and a handful of lawyers, writers, and independent contractors who work in or support the tech industry.

Tourism is a growing industry as visitors now realize the abundance of activities available in Nevada County. The ski slopes in and around Truckee play a major role in the success of tourism, as does the significant number of cultural, recreational, and agricultural attractions.