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Print on Demand Workshop! – A Zoom/Livestream event with Ethan Hunter

Print on demand describes a manufacturing process whereby products are made to order, in small batches or individual units, using digital print technology. The model has very low startup costs since you don’t need to invest any money in print machines, product stocks or manufacturing labour. Additionally, products are only ever purchased once they have…

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From a Galaxy Far Far Away to the White House and Beyond

by Hollie Grimaldi Flores As live events were shuttered in March of 2020, this Nevada County based company took advantage of the forced down time, expanding from a single self-named offering – Telestepper—to an expanded base of manufactured goods, all geared toward live speaking events.  Emerging from the pandemic with a new name and an…

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Quietech Associates present 5G Virtual Symposium

The Tech Connection sat down with Melissa and Niko to discuss the upcoming symposium on 5G hosted by Quietech Associates, Inc. Quietech’s 5G Virtual Symposium, which takes place at 1PM on February 5th, is designed to provide science based information about this new technology. The goal of this symposium is not to invalidate the opinions…

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Looking for Broadband?

We had an exciting TechTonic Tuesday TV in November on fiber optic broadband and where it is being installed right now in Nevada County, if you missed it check it out here. We received a number of questions about current other broadband options that didn’t quite fit in the scope of that panel discussion, so…

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Looking for New Tech Talent?

The Nevada County Tech Connection sponsored by Nevada County’s Economic Resource Council offers a Talent Directory section for individuals to highlight their skills, experience and background as well as to provide contact information and availability for use by prospective employers. Students who visited the Nev. Co/ERC zoom room at the Chico State University Technical Career…

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All About Broadband – Fiber Optic Edition

Wonder why you can stream a movie in HD to your heart’s content but keep encountering glitchy video conferencing?  Most internet service providers offer asymmetrical speeds, allowing you to download information quite rapidly but not to upload content at anywhere near the same speed.  The fiber optic broadband revolution that is slowly coming to Nevada…

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Considering Working Remotely? Here’s How to Make the Transition

COVID-19 has make it easier for a lot of people to justify working remotely, but there are still some companies that are uncomfortable with the idea of their employees not coming into the office every day. Here’s how to make the case for working remotely for your company. What’s Your Plan? Before you have a…

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The 4 Pieces of Content That Can Make or Break a Retail Website

Small businesses are scrambling to launch e-commerce websites to make up for a lack of foot traffic in their brick and mortar stores during the pandemic. I recently wrote about an artist who reaped some unexpected benefits from this transition. In their haste to get websites up, retailers might be tempted to launch with the bare minimum….

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Small Business Mask & Sanitizer Distribution Succeeds Thanks to Generous Nevada County Spirit

In just 6 days, approximately 1,300 gallons of hand sanitizer and 314,000 surgical masks were given to more than 1,000 small businesses from Truckee to Penn Valley. The Nevada County spirit was on full display as volunteers from civic organizations, athletic clubs, service groups, chambers of commerce, special districts and local agencies banded together to…

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TechTonic Tuesday TV – Lars Ortegren and Solar Power

Back in February we had the pleasure of having Lars Ortegren of California Solar Electric Company speak to us about solar power backup systems. The video is now up on our YouTube channel, subscribe and check out what else we have for you to enjoy!