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Looking for Broadband?

We had an exciting TechTonic Tuesday TV in November on fiber optic broadband and where it is being installed right now in Nevada County, if you missed it check it out here. We received a number of questions about current other broadband options that didn’t quite fit in the scope of that panel discussion, so we attempted to answer some of them.

There isn’t going to be a one size fits all approach to bringing low latency high speed internet to the whole county, so a variety of approaches are going to be necessary. Whether it is forming a small company to bring fiber to your neighborhood like Nevada County Fiber has done, or tapping into the fiber optic middle mile line and running a wireless network for the neighborhood like on Newtown Rd, creative solutions initiated by neighbors working together are essential.

Nevada County is right on the cusp of having fairly widely available high speed internet outside of the downtown core, yet the current options are both underwhelming and voluminous. Michael Anderson joined us and shared some of his expertise working in this field, and came up with a great chart breaking down these options and what you can do with them.

broadband use matrix
broadband spreadsheet

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