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Senior IdP/IAM Developer

Job Description:

This job is for a Senior IdP-focused backend developer who has experience across the scope of identity. The main purpose of this job will be providing development and support for integration of SAML and OpenID Connect (OIDC) into TraitWare for a complete IdP solution.

Knowledge of how Identity Providers work with Service Providers and knowledge of existing identity standards and IdP development solutions is required. The integrations will allow TraitWare to provide its customers a full IdP login solution across their family of service providers and be used as an SSO.


  • To develop and support SAML and OIDC integrations with our existing authentication server (IdP)
  • To create and support a client-side federated SSO portal


  • Experience in delivering SAML and OpenID Connect solutions to integrate with Service Providers
  • Thorough knowledge of node.js (JavaScript)
  • Previously delivered full IdP solutions
  • Has worked with SAML/OIDC for Federated SSO logins portals
  • AD/Azure AD integration, hybrid environments experience
  • Experience with additional Identity Protocols (SCIM, Kerberos) is a definite plus


  • NodeJS – required knowledge
  • AngularJS – preferred knowledge, but not required
  • MongoDB – preferred knowledge, but not required

Send resumes to: support@traitware.com

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