2018 Nevada County Tech Connection Year End Letter

2018 Nevada County Tech Connection Year End Letter

Dear NCTC Supporters,

In 2018, we solidly positioned ourselves as the Tech Hub for Nevada County  — a central point of connection for all things tech. You can read more about what we accomplished and what we have planned  in our Annual Report.

We believe that by providing a platform for connection, we can be a strong, collective voice for an industry that provides high wages, high growth opportunities, and potential for economic development that will uplift the entire community.

Here are just a few of the connections that we made in 2018:

  • Members of the Nevada County Tech Community: In addition to hosting the Global Game Jam, the VR Meetup, the JavaScript Meetup (formerly Coffee and Code), TechTonic Tuesday, and the Free Code Camp Meetup, we took over the Nevada County Online Meetup. We hosted over 92 events in 2018!
  • Educators and Businesses: Two in-depth Tech Talent Development forums produced a promising roadmap of ways to build the tech talent pipeline in Nevada County over the next few years.
  • Farmers, Developers, and Funders: The AgTech Micro-Conference demonstrated myriad ways in which technology can help farmers and inspired members of both industries to work together for the benefit of all.
  • Tech Communities in Eastern and Western Nevada County), NCTC supported Tahoe Silicon Mountain’s Techstars StartUp Weekend and Tahoe Pitch Camp, and we look forward to continued collaboration.
  • Startups with Resources: Tech Hub resident Eric Little produced a series of workshops and blogs on the NCTC website that provide information about legal issues for new, small, and online businesses.

In 2019, with continued support from the Nevada County Economic Resource Council in partnership with Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium, we will continue to serve as the platform for all things tech in Nevada County, focusing our efforts on increasing engagement with local businesses and the community.

Here is what we have planned for 2019:

  • Talent Development Projects: Our talent development task force will use what they learned in the Tech Talent forums to choose and execute  project(s) that will bring the education and business communities closer together.
  • Business Advisory Council: We will be forming a formal business advisory council of local tech CEOs and leaders to help guide our efforts.
  • Manufacturing Industry Connection: We will gather local manufacturers in a forum to learn how we can best support them.
  • Promotion and Fundraising: We are launching a drive to promote our local businesses and talent and will provide a choice of affordable listing options in our business and talent directory, from free to featured.
  • Event Fees: In order to maintain and enhance the quality of our events, refreshments, speakers, and overall experience, we will be requesting a minimum donation of $5 per person, starting January 1, 2019. Dependents 18 and under will be free.
  • Recruiting Kit: We will build an information kit to encourage businesses and individuals in the technology field who are looking to move away from the bigger cities in California to consider Nevada County.

We are actively seeking feedback, suggestions, and your participation. Read more in our first-ever Annual Report (link)!

In 2019, we will need volunteers to participate in our tech talent and community development task forces, and to be presenters, educators, and youth program facilitators. We also need a host for TechTonic Tuesday.

Stay in touch through our weekly email updates (sign up here — link) and posts on social media. Join our Facebook group and LinkedIn Group or ask us for an invite to the NCTC Slack channel. You can also find a wealth of information and resources on our website, which we are in the process of redesigning.

With warm regards and wishing you a great 2019,

Shavati Karki-Pearl and NCTC Consulting Team

~Brought to you by the Nevada County Economic Resource Council in partnership with Northern Rural Training and Employment Consortium

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