2017 – The year of the Nevada County Tech Community

2017 has been a special year for the tech community in Nevada County. That wouldn’t be possible without your support and participation. Here’s what we did to showcase and promote the tech ecosystem in Nevada County in 2017:

We published 20+ blog posts about what is happening in Nevada County’s tech community in the last 6 months. We hosted over 40 monthly networking events as well as workshops and meetups through Connected Communities Academy, our educational arm. The Academy has hosted 15 different workshops in 2016-2017 with sum total of 95+ attendees and 4 interns from our local high schools.

We were instrumental in connecting 7 tech talent new to the community to the local tech eco-system, 5 individuals got jobs or contracts via connections made through us. And these are only those that we heard about!

From our monthly TechTonic networking and lecture series, to Free Code Camp, Coffee and Code and the VR Meet-Up for techies who want to get hands on, we have something for every member of our tech community and we are planning more every day including Global Game Jam – a world wide community event in January and AgTech Micro Conference in February! This was made possible by us providing a platform for 8 local professionals who wanted to take the initiative and run their own meetups and events and we are so thankful for their generous time, effort and thoughtfulness. 

We meet several times each month to discuss how to add value to and promote the Nevada County Tech culture. Frankly there are many ways to create community in Nevada County, and you chose to be a part of the NCTechConnection. We’re very grateful to you for that!

On behalf of the community development team, I would like to say a big thank you to all of you! Thank you to our business champions, task force chairs, volunteers, mentors, facilitators, the organizations that support and provide leadership to this effort and especially YOU, the participants! For a complete list of our volunteers and supporters, see the About Us page.

We would love to continue delivering content and opportunities that are helpful and valuable to you. So, we have a  favor to ask…

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In return, if you have any questions/suggestions about our community development efforts, feel free to send them our way. We’ll answer every question and consider every input.

Thanks for helping us to make tech thrive in Nevada County!

~ Shavati Karki-Pearl and The Nevada County Tech Connection Community Development Team

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