Take a peek behind the green screen…


One of the most interesting and exciting developments in our region is the new Green Screen Institute. It’s a unique technology eco-system aimed at the white-hot virtual reality and augmented reality markets. It’s designed to give startups and early stage VR and AR companies all the resources they need to succeed. And then some.

A little perspective: the VR/AR market isn’t just hot. It’s positively thermonuclear. It’s expected to grow to more than $100 billion in just the next few years. And it’s our goal to be at the center of it. Starting now.

GSI is a 27,000 square foot facility nestled in the forest near Nevada City. In the works are co working space and offices, high-speed broadband, shared use of office equipment and conference rooms, commercialization and development labs, a state-of-the art video collaboration center, a broadcast studio with green screen (of course) and a training center/collaboration room.

And, as of July 18, an amazing 9 week accelerator program began for startups who are creating content for VR and AR.

But GSI is more than just a cool place to work and hang out with smart, creative people. It also offers business assistance, guidance and mentoring, as well as networking to capital and technical resources.

In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find better business or technical advice anywhere else on the planet. Just check out our advisory board. It looks like a Who’s Who of entertainment, venture capital and digital media. For creative entrepreneurs and businesses just getting started in VR/AR, GSI is about as close to nirvana as it gets.

To learn more, or apply for the accelerator program, go to www.greenscreeninstitute.com.