Trade Associations: A Model for the Nevada County Tech Community

Nevada County’s residents may have many different political viewpoints, but in the throes of the 4th Industrial Revolution, we all share a need for internet connectivity. As our journey to getting broadband internet in our county takes its latest twists and turns, it is clear that the Nevada County tech community must band together, and have a voice at the policy making table.

A Strong, Unified Force

Trade associations are an effective way for businesses to bond together and present a strong, unified force. Matt Weinberg wrote an article for TechCrunch last year about the benefits of such associations. Weinberg stated: “From artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles, from bio-engineering to blockchain, the emergence of technology-specific trade associations, seeded and supported by the world’s leading technology companies, will be a strong and necessary force in defining future regulatory and legislative debates, debates that will have an enormous impact on our future economy and everyday lives.”

Trade Associations Benefit Their Members

Local trade associations are already firmly established in big tech areas like Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. The Nevada County Tech Connection is filling that need in our community, and helping its members grow and thrive. As more tech companies and talent join our directory, attend our events, and connect with the rest of Nevada County’s tech eco-system through our initiatives, our community and our voice become stronger. Weinberg believes that trade associations can do a number of things for their members: “Trade associations can spark regulatory action by harnessing and mobilizing the united power of numerous companies,” he said. “In addition, trade associations advance progress collectively, ensuring that new legislative and policy landscapes are favorable to all members of a trade association.”

Collaboration Benefits Everyone

NCTC believes that collaboration among the members of our tech community will make us all stronger.  Our organization is based on a Next Generation Partnership Model, in which local businesses partner with education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations to address the needs of a given industry.

Collaboration is already paying off for Nevada County’s tech industry. Local tech companies AJA, Autometrix, Grass Valley a Belden Brand, and Telestream previously saw themselves as competing for tech employees. But when they joined forces with the support of NCTC’s Talent Development team to connect their tech interns last summer, it had a positive effect on all of their employment pipelines.

Join Us

Have you attended a Meet-up or TechTonic event at the Tech Hub yet? Joined our tech business and talent directory? Join us and help make a difference for the Nevada County tech community – and your own business.

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