TechTonic TV – NC Tech – How it All Got Going with Shavati Karki-Pearl

What happens when you put talented people in the same room, add ideas and time?  The Nevada County Tech Connection got it’s start thanks to founding director Shavati Karki-Pearl taking on a simple task, that of surveying regional businesses to see what they needed. The answer was nearly unanimous across the greater foothills region, talent!  As the economy transformed and embraced the digital revolution finding people to fill key positions became a challenge.  In the wake of the findings of this survey in 2015, training and educating the next generation of workers became a key priority.  We hope you enjoy this look back at how it all got going.

From simple beginnings teaching tech skills identified in the survey, Shavati expanded the Connected Communities Academy into what became the Nevada County Tech Hub and the Tech Connection on New Mohawk Rd, home to a bevy of companies like Traitware, GSS, Nevada County Media, freelancers, and even a resident tech lawyer! The Tech Hub became the home for a number of public events that moved beyond education and into networking, connecting the wider tech community in addition to training the next generation. From speaker series events like TechTonic Tuesday, to meetups that ranged from AR/VR explorations to web development and Wordpress the Tech Hub grew into a multi functional event and education space.  

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