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Technology and Business go Together

Technology is defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry; machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge; and the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.  

For Nevada County Economic Resource Council (ERC)’s Gil Mathew, it is evident that separating technology from industry is all but impossible.  “In today’s world, every industry sector includes technology,” the executive director stated, “While the ERC is working to connect different industry sectors, be it, education, manufacturing, agriculture, or healthcare…but  whatever the sector, technology is part of how that group does business.”

While Nevada County boasts several technology-based businesses, from AJA to Telestream to Grass Valley (to name a few), the reality is that most businesses rely on tech in some form to operate.  The days of handwritten ledgers and snail mail correspondence have all but disappeared.  Those who want to succeed in today’s business world, have learned to embrace technology in a variety of formats — from cell phones to computers to programmable machinery–technology is deeply embedded in most daily operations.   

In the last year, technology has been the basis for meeting and communicating across the world.  Social platforms have exploded, and industry leaders have pivoted to find ways to remain relevant while practicing social distancing.   Bringing people together remains a vital part of the fabric industry across all sectors.  

The ERC is tasked with bringing like industry personnel together to discuss challenges as well as successes and to, hopefully, find common ground within the area businesses to help contribute to a vibrant, thriving economy in Nevada County.  Each month a series of meet ups is planned to further that mission.   

Teaming with California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), the ERC is inviting those in the manufacturing sector to a virtual meet-up on Thursday, September 9th from 5pm -7pm. The evening will focus on networking with peers and a short presentation by Mathew on the topic of ever-changing regulations affecting the specific industry.  The event is free but does require an rsvp at info@ncerc.org.

Bringing people together while adhering to state health regulations will undoubtedly be discussed during the event.  Other meet ups including the monthly web development group and the writer’s forum have stayed online, utilizing the technology of social platforms to continue to bring people together.  Those dates and links can also be obtained by emailing the ERC.  

In October, the ERC will bring back the Economic Summit, a well-received afternoon featuring renowned economist Chris Thornberg who will break down the fiscal outlook on a national, regional, and local level.  Both entertaining and informative, Thornberg has a long history of delivering accurate and pragmatic information around housing, development, and business in a variety of sectors.  Tickets for the October 25th event taking place at The Center for The Arts will be limited.  Sponsorship, vendor, and participation information is available by contacting the ERC.To become a member and to find out more, use your technology and send any inquiries to info@ncerc.org.

Written by Hollie Grimaldi Flores and originally published in The Union

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