Get Back to Work! 5 Things You Can Do Right Now

Need help getting back to work? This blog post gives you five things you can do right now to find work. Need more help? Take the Get Back to Work! workshop (starts June 10).

Are you out of work?

Ready for a career change?

Not sure what you want to do next?

The Get Back to Work! workshop will help you figure out the right job for you – and how to get it.

Sign up to get an assessment of your skills and experience, three different potential career paths, and an action plan to get you hired, plus resources, information, and connections to help you along the way.

This virtual workshop starts June 10 and is limited to six participants, so reserve your spot today.

Facilitator Erika Kosina is a certified career coach with the Creating a Life Worth Living program who has helped many people discover their dream jobs and make career changes. Sierra Commons helps strengthen the local economy through job creation, retention, and increased local revenue.

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