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While Western Nevada County represents one of the four most highly regarded Digital Media technology clusters in the U.S., along with Portland, Seattle and Boston, we are the ONLY ONE located in a rural area. Technology developed in the county has been recognized 5 times with Engineering Emmy® awards and Citations from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for pioneering contributions or substantial improvements to television technology.

It started in 1959 with the Grass Valley Group. The company has been the catalyst for 20 local tech spin-off’s. Today, over half of the tech companies in Western Nevada County are focused on professional digital audio and video product and services to media icon customers such as Comcast, Disney, ESPN, ABC, DirecTV, Fox, Viacom, AT&T, BBC and a host of others.


Nevada County is home to a large cluster of firms that manufacture and produce a wide spectrum of products, from low to high tech in nature, and then ship them all over the world. In all we have around 200 such companies. These range from companies that manufacture products such as semi-conductors, varied machinery and equipment, and a variety of machine shops as well as others that specialize in plastic, glass, metal and concrete.

This array of technology and manufacturing companies create innovation, global competitiveness, economic growth and new products for the future in national defense and numerous other industry verticals. It also provides the area with a diverse talent pool of well-educated, professional engineers, scientists, technicians, and management.

Autometrix: is one of the leading American manufacturers of CNC cutting systems for low- and single-ply knife cutting, and an industry leader in pattern design software..

Gyro-Stabilized Systems: has a passion for developing the most sought after gimbal technologies and being the most efficient company to integrate the latest camera and sensor technologies.

Grass Valley, a Belden Brand:  provides the innovative tools and expertise to help customers improve the efficiency of their operations while telling better stories to attract and keep viewers.

Litton Engineering Labs:  There are thousands of Litton Lathes in use throughout the world and many others which feature some element of the Litton design.

Sierra Design Associates: Since 1997, SDA has provided comprehensive electronics hardware, software and PCB design services to some of the most successful corporations in Northern California.

Telestream: provides world-class digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise.

Z.A.P. Manufacturing, Inc.   Provides cost effective way to reuse aluminum traffic signs saving money and conserving our planet’s valuable resources..

Fodderworks: Sprouts (also known as “fodder” when used for animals) are economical to produce.  They have been scientifically proven to increase the digestibility of other feeds in the gut.

Nevada Count connects, supports and showcases it’s tech Eco-system through it’s “Next Generation Sector Partnership”.

NC Tech Connection

Nevada County is proud to have two community makers spaces which have tools and equipment for creators of all kinds and support teaching, learning and practicing of a wide variety of crafts, skills, technologies and arts.

Curious Forge

Truckee Roundhouse

Additional Technology and Manufacturing Companies

AJA Video Systems

High Sierra Electronics

Ensemble Designs

Titan America

Huntington Mechanical Labs

BrewBilt Manufacturing

Renegade Labs

Benchmark Thermal

RCD Engineering