Broadband, Sales Tax Changes, and a Lack of Commercial and Industrial Space: NCTC is Bringing Local Businesses Together to Solve These Challenges and More

Business owners meeting to discuss the economy.

What do recruiting and retaining good employees, finding sufficient industrial space and fast internet, and educating elected officials have in common? They are all challenges that our local tech and manufacturing businesses face and they are all things that the Nevada County Tech Connection’s Business Advisory Council is working to solve and learn more about. On April 25th the Nevada County Tech Connection (NCTC) hosted the second Tech and Manufacturing Business Forum meeting to talk about and take action on these very issues.

Who and What is Happening at the NCTC Tech and Manufacturing Business Forum

Participants in the two business forums have included  Advisory Council members representing several local manufacturing companies, including Autometrix, Benchmark Thermal, BrewBuilt, , Electrical Design Technology,, TraitWare, and ZAP Manufacturing as well as our Business  Champions from Clientworks and Red8 Interactive. Nick Rashby, President at AJA Video Systems, will join us at the next forum in June.

At the April meeting, business leaders discussed and exchanged information about a variety of topics, including the challenges of getting high-speed internet where we need it in our county, building awareness about a new trend of individuals taking legal action against small businesses whose websites are not ADA-compliant, efforts to recruit tech talent at a Chico State job fair, and a new hub where schools and businesses will be able to coordinate the availability of work-based learning.

Working Together to Take the Next Steps

Sub-committees are now working in several areas to help the tech and manufacturing business community thrive in Nevada County. We are seeking information about available commercial real estate in the County and plans for any further development and the availability of broadband in those areas that are zoned for industrial and commercial use in our county. We are also planning events to educate small businesses about the sales tax change, general HR rules and regulations, and how to avoid getting sued for ADA violations on their websites. The next Tech and Manufacturing Business Forum will be held on Thursday, June 20th from 8:30 – 10:00am at the NC Tech Hub, 104 New Mohawk Road.

What issues is YOUR tech or manufacturing business dealing with? We are stronger together – come join us and find out how we can work together to affect positive change for tech and manufacturing businesses in our community. Contact Erika Kosina at for more information.

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