FAB 5 Event

Interested in being a featured FAB 5 company?
There are many challenges and opportunities, and as a business owner it is hard to keep up. Especially when you are growing and do not have support with the wide range of issues you face each day.
This is where the FAB 5 event comes into play.

We invite 50 plus business owners and managers to attend the FAB 5 event and 2 local companies give a business presentation and share specific topics they’re most concerned about. We then identify people from our network who have specific expertise and they become mentors and support  for you and your business.

A few issues we have supported companies with:

Creating visibility
Raising capital
Securing executive talent, technical talent, and entry level talent
Finding a suitable location
Creating a marketing strategy
Addressing a government regulation or obtaining a permit
Landing a key customer or partner
Building a Board of Directors or Advisory Board
And more…

If your company could benefit by presenting at our FAB 5 event, please email Jon Gregory or give him a call at 530.518.5733.

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