Mission, Vision, and Economic Strategy


The Nevada County Economic Resource Council has a pretty bold plan.

Our mission is to implement initiatives that result in Nevada County becoming recognized nationally as one of the most economically competitive rural counties in the U.S. by 2020.

Sound like a lofty goal? We are going to do this through enhancing the economic vitality of the region by supporting the attraction of primary jobs while retaining our unique environment.

We have designed initiatives and activities to encourage existing business growth in addition to programs to attract entrepreneurs, startups and established businesses to the region. The NCERC works to establish a positive operating environment to make sure we attract companies that will work well for our region.

Simply put, we are here to grow the county’s economic pie.

When we are successful in creating an environment attractive to scalable ventures that have the most opportunity to create jobs and prosperity in Nevada County there is great trickle down benefits to our local economy.

Through this endeavor, the NCERC will address the impediments and establishing several key initiatives that capitalize on our competitive differentiators.

Nevada County Will Become:

  1. Known as a hub for entrepreneurship and dynamic small business growth compared to other rural counties in California and the U.S.
  2. Recognized in the Bay Area and other key metro areas as a compelling location to move or start certain kinds of businesses most in alignment with Nevada County’s attributes.
  3. Known for it’s “Can Do” approach within stakeholders coming together when necessary with an uncommon sense of urgency to support start up or existing growth companies.