Why Nevada County

There are many reasons why people choose Nevada County as their forever home: Start Ups looking to extend their runway, young professionals looking to own their first home, families seeking affordable living or better education and safe neighborhoods for their children, seasoned talent redefining themselves with a new business or career or individuals ready to retreat into nature and enjoy their golden years in an inclusive, beautiful community that has something for everyone, no matter what their interest or passion.

Below you will see a few reasons we like to highlight for those exploring our county for the first time. While there are a lot of great places to live and raise a family, you will find enough compelling reasons to move and live here. But you don’t have to figure out how you can move your business and live and work here all by yourself. Let us know what is holding you back and we’ll help you overcome that last tie that prevents you from experiencing the life/work balance of Nevada County. Meanwhile, take a moment to watch “Why Nevada County.”

Nevada County Tech Connection

What does NC Tech Connection do? Support, connect and showcase our technology ecosystem.

Digital technology and high tech manufacturing are high-wage and high-growth industries that support our local workforce by providing both local and remote work opportunities. Our technology sector services and supports other industries through cross-sector collaborations and initiatives.  A strong, diverse, thriving and connected tech community is the key to economic growth in our county.

NCTC acts as an umbrella organization to support and connect initiatives that develop, retain and attract tech talent and businesses to Nevada County.

The NC Tech Connection is modeled after the “Next Generation Sector Partnerships”. These are partnerships of businesses from the same industry and in a shared labor market, that work with education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations to address the workforce and other competitiveness needs of the targeted industry.

Talent Development

Task Force and its members and work
Promote tech education and career pathways
Tech companies join forces to develop recruitment strategies and activities

Community Development

Outreach and Communication
TechTonic Tuesdays
Nevada County Online
Special Events that promote technology in our area and cross sector partnership – like AgTech


MeetUps and Incubation: Coffee and Code, Free Code camp, VR/XR MeetUp, Global Game Jam
Digital and Tech Courses and Workshops

Active Technology Initiatives in Nevada County

An active and engaged professional community makes talent and businesses thrive, thus stimulating the economy of the sector and all industries that align with it. Nevada County is proud to be a host of many initiatives that have sprung up either organically by passionate individuals or organized agencies. All of these initiatives are inclusive in nature – they benefit and welcome not only individuals that are directly involved with technology and digital media but also consumers, hobbyists, students and small businesses.


ACME ROBOTICS is an independent robotics team for 8th through 11th graders from various schools in Nevada County. Students build and program robots, and compete with other robotics teams around the country.


TAHOE SILICON MOUNTAIN is the hub for entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners, tech and other professionals who live, frequently visit, or own a second home in the Truckee-Tahoe region.


THE CURIOUS FORGE:  “Nerd night” is a public meetup that happens on the second Wednesday of every month from 6:00 – 8:00 PM at the Curious Forge, a makerspace in Nevada City


TECHTONIC TUESDAYS: Join local tech talent, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, makers, coders, and other members of the Nevada County tech community at this lively monthly event.


QUIETECH ASSOCIATES: Quietech Associates, Inc. has been providing on-site tech solutions to businesses and individuals throughout Nevada county since 1986, and also offers a storefront (The Geek Boutique) with new and refurbished computers, and a full-time technician. They host frequent digital literacy classes for the community.


NEVADA CITY FILM FESTIVAL PROGRAMS: NCFF screens over 60 films, including comedies, dramas, documentaries, animation, and international shorts in a variety of historic locations in downtown Nevada City. They also provide training and internship opportunities for people interested in digital media production.


TECHNOLOGY LENDING LIBRARY: A program of the Nevada County Community Library. Teachers and after-school providers who work with youth can check out robotics, coding, hacking, computing, virtual reality, and other technology sets with just their library card for free for a month at a time. The library also hosts free trainings on using the technology, as well as free technology programs for kids.

Location, Location, Location…

Nevada County offers a rural and small-town lifestyle, while still being located within a convenient distance from urban centers in Sacramento, Reno and the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to our beautiful setting, the strong sense of community and the perfect work-life fulfillment, Nevada County is attractive to our local businesses, residents and many visiting tourists.

Oh, and great Weather too! The weather is another valued feature to our area. We enjoy a long, warm sunny season while experiencing color changes in the fall with cool, snowy winters. Rain averages just over ten inches in January and summer temperatures are mild with average highs near 85 degrees in July. Our higher elevations receive an average of 206 inches of snow per year.

Distance to Major Cities From Grass Valley / Nevada City
(Western Nevada County)

  • To: Sacramento Southwest – 57 miles
  • To: Sacramento International Airport – 62.6 miles
  • To: San Francisco West – 143 miles
  • To: Reno Northeast – 88 miles
  • To: South Lake Tahoe Northeast – 98 miles

Distance to Major Cities from Truckee
(Eastern Nevada County)

  • To: Sacramento Southwest – 102 miles
  • To: Reno-Tahoe International Airport – 35.7 miles
  • To: San Francisco West – 188 miles
  • To: Reno Northeast – 31 miles
  • To: South Lake Tahoe Southeast – 45 miles

Nevada County Workforce Profile

Sitting on a bedrock of gold, Nevada County has a unique energy that provides home and hearth to renaissance men and women. Our population consists of artists who are engineers, techies who are farmers, business leaders that are healers and public service employees who are athletes. Most companies here are family owned, employees are loyal and contributing to community is a priority. With over 600 non profits entities in Nevada County , volunteerism and philanthropy are key to the individuals who live and move here, each following their passion through work and giving.

32% of the population has a bachelors degree and 37.3% have some college and overall of 93.3% of the population have attained high school or higher making one of the highest educated communities in rural California and in the country.

With some of the top and leading schools and community college in the State, we are proud to produce a well educated talent pipeline for local businesses. 27.5% of the population has a bachelors degree and 37.3% have some college and overall of 93.3% of the population have attained high school or higher making one of the highest educated rural communities in California and in the country.

Businesses here draw from a very accessible talent pool of students from Sierra College, Chico State University, Sacramento State University and UC Davis. Our demand for Technology, Manufacturing, Public Service, Health and Farming workforce is supplied not only by these excellent schools but also from the pool of high quality professionals who have moved here from San Francisco, Los Angeles and other urban areas around California and the country.

Nevada County is a magnet for micro businesses, freelancers and remote workers who conduct their business globally, but without the hassles of high cost of living, traffic, sub par school systems for their children, safety issues and a high stress life. Entrepreneurs get a longer runway with their investment and the locations lends itself to creativity and an innovative workforce!

Workforce Development

  • Training
  • Assessment
  • NCTC’s Talent Development Task Force: address the growth and retention of technology training and digital literacy in order to keep up with the demand of tech talent in the area and to build a workforce that is adept in 21st century work skills.
  • Achievements of Talent Development Task force thus far:
  • 5 year forecast and workforce assessment of tech companies
  • Grant application to NoRTEC and launch of Nevada County Tech Connection
  • Joint recruiting strategies and and internship events amongst tech companies

Ongoing Mission:
Building, attraction and retention of Tech Talent in Nevada County. Creation of a sustainable Tech Talent Pipeline through analysis of the current ecosystem, convening of business, education and workforce members of the community. Creating an action plan that involves a step by step plan with the engagement of these community members.

Education in Nevada County

Nevada County offers school choice through open enrollment in elementary schools and high schools. The area has well regarded and innovative K-12 school systems, focused on continuous improvement, including numerous public charter schools.

In fact Nevada Joint Union’s High School District’s affordable home prices and strong academic performance makes it one of the best bargains among California’s school districts, according to a study by the number crunchers at nerdwallet.com.

Truckee High in Eastern Nevada County offers STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) courses including Introduction to Engineering Principles that is part of the Project Lead The Way program.

Sierra College copy

Sierra Community College

The local Community College, Sierra College – Nevada County has two campuses, one in Grass Valley and one in Truckee. Sierra College is among the top 1% of United States community colleges in awarding Associate Degrees.

  • It was the first community college to offer educational opportunities for wounded veterans.
  • It was the first to discover dinosaur fossils in Northern California.
  • It is the number one community college in California awarding associate degrees.
  • It is ranked first in Northern California for transfers to 4 year Universities.
  • It offers 83 degrees and 78 certificate programs.
  • It offers career/technical training, and classes for upgrading job skills. Sierra graduates can be found in businesses and industries throughout the region.
ERC Education Hero

School Resources

Charter Schools

Nevada County boasts the greatest number of charter schools per capita in California. A variety of educational offerings are available in each of the 12 charters.

National Blue Ribbon Schools

Nevada Union High School, Alta Sierra Elementary, Pleasant Ridge Elementary and Cottage Hill Elementary were named Blue Ribbon Schools by the President for academic excellence. Nevada City School of the Arts is the first charter school in the nation to earn the Blue Ribbon award.

California Distinguished Schools

Many schools throughout the county, in the past decade, have been recognized as Distinguished Schools by the Governor for academic excellence. Nevada Union High School, Bear River High School, Ghiodotti Early College High School, Magnolia Intermediate School, and Seven Hills Middle School were all awarded this honor.
The Nevada Joint Union High School District is a group of Innovative Educational Communities providing parents and families with a variety of choices to meet the diverse needs and interests of high school students.

Nevada Union Learning Communities

Nevada Union has a number of small learning communities, which amongst others include:
Nevada Union Partnership Academy of Telecommunications, which has a multimedia focus to many of the assignments with video production at its core.
Engineering Design Pathway
Green Academy which focuses on renewable energy.
The humanities academy which focuses on the classical education with extra focus on world languages.

The Nevada County Campus (NCC) is a comprehensive college and high school campus. It offers courses in all patterns of IGETC, CSU Breadth, and GE requirements for Associate degrees. Students may complete 38 degrees at NCC,  by taking a combination of on-ground and online classes. Students may also take Career Technical Courses (CTE) in 10 disciplines that meet the needs of private and public sector organizations in Nevada County and the surrounding areas.

Technical/Engineering Programs

The college prepares students bound for engineering majors through lower division required courses such as Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics. Sierra College is proud to offer the Mechatronics program which is the study of electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics through computer control in one cohesive hands-on, project-based program. The field of mechatronics includes robotics, industrial automation, industrial process control, and electro-mechanical systems. Sierra College offers a three course series in photovoltaic (i.e. solar energy) technician training. Numerous programs in the digital arts are offered such as graphic design, 3-D modeling, web design, video production and editing and interactive multi media production.

Nevada County Cultural Districts

The arts are a major economic driver in Nevada County

Nevada County is a preeminent West Coast cultural destination. It’s rich, high quality, and varied offerings rival that of any rural town in the country. It’s arts and cultural industry is crucial to Nevada County for both residents and tourists, and serves as a major source of employment while adding significantly to the tax base of the County.

And to prove our point, Grass Valley-Nevada City Cultural District and Truckee Cultural District have been selected as two of California’s premier state-designated cultural districts under California Arts Council’s Cultural District Program. They join twelve other districts that are launching the innovative new program highlighting thriving cultural diversity and unique artistic identities within California, home to the country’s leading creative economy.

The Official Guide to Nevada County

GoNevadaCounty.com is the Official Guide to Nevada County. It showcases the rich cultural offerings that helped us secure two places on the list of 14 California’s Cultural Districts.

The Nevada County Arts Council

The Nevada County Arts Council is the coordinating organization for the arts in our county. A 501c3 not-for-profit organization, they facilitate collaborative efforts that promote and sustain the visual, literary and performing arts of Nevada County to advance the cultural, social and economic life of our community.