Understanding the Economic Disruption in Nevada County as a Result of COVID-19

Live Webcast with Economist, Dr. Robert Eyler

May 12, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.

Brought to you by Alliance for Workforce Development, Inc. and Chabin Concepts


Alliance for Workforce Development and Chabin Concepts are working with many organizations throughout our service area to provide economic information as it relates to the disruption due to COVID-19.   You are invited to a free webinar with Robert Eyler, Ph.D. who is the Dean of the School of Extended and International Education, Professor of Economics, Director of the Center for Regional Analysis at Sonoma State University, and President of Economic Forensics and Analytics, Inc.

Dr. Eyler will help provide clarity on the economy, consequences of disruption and potential recovery timelines through these quickly changing times.  The goal is to connect the impact of these challenging times to our local communities. We hope you can join!