Nevada City Engineering: Proud to Be a Small and Family Friendly Business for Almost 40 Years

Nevada City EngineeringA few blocks from downtown Nevada City, tucked into a peaceful, historically accurate but modern building, is an engineering company that has been in business since 1978. Nevada City Engineering plans and designs land development and infrastructure projects for private and public sector clients, providing civil engineering, land surveying, and land use planning services. The company’s employees have become experts at figuring out how to build on hillsides and how to make building projects fit into our small, rural, historic community.

In 2008, after 30 years of serving exclusively Western Nevada County clients, Nevada City Engineering (NCE) diversified its services and extended its reach outside of the county. But the company is firmly rooted in Nevada City, and prides itself on being a small, local, family-friendly business. CEO Andy Cassano attests: “Our families are priority one, and the job has to be second.”

Its employees appreciate the flexibility and emphasis on families that NCE provides. And they love working close to home. Lacy Cannon, Assistant Civil Engineer, works to provide for her two children, ages 12 and 4: “Working here is like being on vacation after commuting to the Valley,” she said. “I love the arts and the culture and the environmental activism – all the local organic farming and Farmers Markets.”

Cassano, who was born in Nevada City and has worked for over 40 years in the community, didn’t realize how special this place was at first: “People who moved here taught me how great it is here.” James Lehmkuhl, Survey Technician, who moved out to Nevada County from the East Coast to pursue a love of snowboarding, thinks that it’s the people who make Nevada City such a special place: “People care about the town – they don’t just stay in their houses and watch TV.”

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