Here’s what a few of our Partners have to say.

As Executive Dean of the Sierra College – Nevada County Campus, I consider active involvement in the Nevada County Economic Resource Council as a core part of my work. Our region’s employers deserve college students who are well-educated and trained to work in their organizations. In partnership with the sectors of private business, government, nonprofits and other school systems, the college provides an important voice to help move economic development efforts forward for Nevada County.

Shavati Karki-Pearl - Stephanie Ortiz

Stephanie Ortiz

I am on the ERC Board because I look at it as a way to give back to the community as well as work and interact with like-minded individuals that are doing great things for the overall good of Nevada County. Having two children of my own just entering their school years, as a parent I feel it is natural to want to be a part of helping provide better education and learning experiences.

The ERC Board makes a difference to me as it helps me achieve multiple goals and objectives at once. I am able to both grow personally and professionally by interacting with others in the community that have more life and business experience than I. Ultimately, I hope to learn from their mistakes whenever possible so I don’t make the same mistakes myself.

The ERC Board makes a difference to GSS by offering and seeking mentorship as needed and also provides opportunities to work with other great people and businesses in Nevada County.

I love Nevada County because of all the opportunities it brings. Great people from many backgrounds live here for the same reasons that I do. It is the perfect place to both work and play.

Shavati Karki-Pearl - Jason Fountaine

Jason Fountaine

I sit on the Board of Directors of the ERC as a representative of the Nevada County Association of Realtors and as representative of Network Commercial Real Estate. My service on the Board is driven by my desire to help recruit new businesses to our area and to help protect the quality of life here in our lovely community. I believe both of these things are critical to the health of our community and that we must work collaboratively to bring both of these agendas to fruition. As a REALTOR ® handling both residential and commercial properties I can then collaboration with the ERC to provide full service expertise to new businesses and their employees looking to move to our area.

Greg Ward