Building pipelines to a deep pool of talent.

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This team was created to recruit, develop and retain talent for local companies that rely on technology to support their business. The Talent Development Task Force focuses on broadcast, video, healthcare, and the arts.

The Talent Development Task Force has representatives from the Digital Media industry (Telestream, Grass Valley – A Belden Brand, Autometrix and AJA Video), JobVille (a start-up), and healthcare provider Dignity Health – Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

All levels of education (K- 12, Community College and University) are also represented, plus workforce investment organizations (the Alliance for Work Force Development) and local civic leaders who want to ensure that local growth companies have access to qualified talent.

As our Talent Connection charter states:

We’re building a competitive, expanding and sustainable tech talent pipeline.

To start, the Task Force partnered with an 11 county consortium to conduct a thorough Workforce Needs Assessment Study. The study looked at the different skill sets and types of employees our tech based industries require. This information will help us target where and how to recruit the talent they need.

The study also confirmed the feasibility of our Science and Research Park Initiative, which helped us acquire a 26,000 square foot building in Nevada City and publicly launch the Green Screen Institute, the brand for our Digital Media Technology Campus.

Now we’re helping companies create recruiting strategies for senior, seasoned, mid-level professionals, managers and technicians. Our recruiting programs will focus on Greater Sacramento, the Bay Area and Northern Nevada.

We’re also working with local education providers to create training and on-the-job learning programs to help our existing underemployed and unemployed workers develop the tech skills they need to get better jobs.

A second survey was conducted, whereby all the innovative educational programs being offered in our county were consolidated. Nevada County has a rich variety of STEAM oriented programs as demonstrated by this educational inventory.

The talent pool we’re developing will serve our local businesses and will help us attract companies from outside our region.

For more information about the ERC Talent Connection Initiative contact us at 530-274-8455 or