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Location and Cities of Nevada County

Nevada County is located in the Sierra Nevada of California, in the Mother Lode Country. As of 2014 its population was 98,893. The county seat is Nevada City.

With just under 100,000 residents, Nevada County is the 36th most populous county in California.

The western part of the county is defined by the course of several rivers and the irregular boundaries of adjoining counties. When the county was created, the founders wanted to include access to the transcontinental railroad, so a rectangular section was added that includes the railroad town of Truckee. What is remarkable about this is that the final shape of the county closely resembles the Deringer pocket pistol, a favorite at the time of the more urbane residents of this gold rush county.

Cities and towns

Settlements over 10,000 population

Settlements under 10,000 population

Nevada City, the county seat, is classified as a city, the other settlements are classified as towns.

Source: 2015-2016 Demographics and Statistical Profile