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Welcome to Connected Communities Academy

An initiative of the ERC…

CCA is Nevada County’s newest Technology Training Center. It has been founded by a group of local residents who work in the technology industry and want to share our knowledge in order to increase economic opportunity in our community. We know from experience that the technology industry can provide vibrant and challenging opportunities to people in any location, not just in Silicon Valley, and that you don’t have to fit the mold of a “typical” computer geek to have a great tech career! So we are joining with other tech-savvy individuals and companies to help make that happen through education, and collaboration with job-related entities across the county.


We have a lineup of beginner’s classes to help you get a sense of a range of option that exist in the technology industry. Don’t let the seemingly foreign-sounding terms scare you – our instructors and online content will try to de-mystify the jargon and help you understand the opportunities and demands of every type of work. There are all kinds of “regular” people from all walks of life and all ages that are retraining in the tech field and finding decent paying, stable careers to support themselves and their families, often from rural areas such as Nevada County.


In addition to the classes and lab offered at the Academy, the “Connected Communities” part of our name refers to our mission for creating tech opportunities in rural areas across the county – and our collaboration with local and regional entities. Various agencies, organizations and even groups of individuals in Nevada County have the mission of providing career technical education, or employment readiness or innovative economic development to their specific set of clients. Thus many of these entities that had the common goal and desire to bring digital technology skills and education to the region, have come together in their support of Connected Communities Academy in creating a hub of technical education. This endeavor if undertaken individually, would have limited the audience or selection of courses available. As “Connected Communities” we can all pool our resources to serve the collective need. As “Connected Communities” we can provide access to all these entities via the academy and clients from various entities can access the education and connections they are seeking. This unique Nevada County style solution is a win-win for all of us.


Contact us to learn more about WHAT we are creating, WHY we are doing it and HOW you can get involved.