Nevada County was established in April 1851. The county was named after the mining town of Nevada City, a name derived from the term “Sierra Nevada”. The word Nevada is Spanish for “snowy” or “snowycovered”.



Vegetable Crops

  • 2016    $1,771,000
  • 2015    $1,581,000

Nursery and Flower Products

  • 2016    $502,200
  • 2015    $392,500

Timber Products

  • 2016    $1,800,800
  • 2015    $2,344,600

Fruit and Nut Crops

  • 2016    $2,120,100
  • 2015    $1,033,600

Livestock and Poultry

  • 2016    $10,483,700
  • 2015    $12,032,000

Apiary, Eggs and Wool Products

  • 2016    $500,100
  • 2015    $385,100

Pasture & Range land

  • 2016    $3,700,000
  • 2015    $3,700,000

Agriculture Total

  • 2016    $20,877,900
  • 2015    $21,468,800


Nevada City Winery

We are extremely proud of our role in revitalizing the wine industry in Nevada County. Over the years Nevada City Winery has been recognized with numerous awards, including Best Zinfandel, Best Cabernet Franc, Best Syrah and Best Cabernet Sauvignon for the Sierra Foothill Region, awarded by the California State Fair.

Mountain Bounty Farm

Mountain Bounty is a 50 acre organic family farm located high on the forested contours of the San Juan Ridge near Nevada City, California. We have two farm sites, each about 2 miles from the Yuba River. Our “home fields,” are just off Purdon Road and our larger fields are nearby on Birchville Road. We currently cultivate 18 acres, and the rest of land is a beautiful mosaic of forest and meadows. We are the oldest and largest CSA farm in the Sierras. Our farm’s founder, John Tecklin, has been farming since the early 1990’s and started Mountain Bounty Farm in 1997. Since then, Mountain Bounty has become an increasingly collaborative effort, with a team of farmers making decisions and working together


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