Our Key Industries

Nevada County has a wide spectrum of industries and a resilient economy. The balance of technology, education, healthcare, arts, tourism, manufacturing, construction, retail and many other sectors work together to create a thriving economy.

Our region has a deep roots in high-tech. The world-class video broadcasting company, The Grass Valley Group, was built here among our pine trees. Today you see continued excellence in technology with the Green Screen Institute, a hub for innovation in augmented and virtual realities.

Tourism is a growing industry as visitors now realize the abundance of activities available in Nevada County. The ski slopes in and around Truckee play a major role in the success of tourism, as does the significant number of cultural, recreational, and agricultural attractions.


At the dawn of the 21st Century, renewable energy is an industry that appears to be taking off. With the emphasis on green technology, this burgeoning sector is poised to add significant jobs to Nevada County in the years to come.

There are many other industries that contribute to our robust economy.

Read more about some specific sectors: