Welcome to Connected Communities Academy

Connected Communities Academy (CCA) is Nevada County’s newest Technology Training Center. It is the educational arm of NCTechConnection supported at it’s inception by the Nevada Union Adult School and CalWorks. CCA is powered by local mentors who work in the technology industry and want to share their knowledge in order to increase economic opportunity in our community by building the tech eco-system.

We know from experience that the technology industry can provide vibrant and challenging opportunities to people in any location, not just in Silicon Valley. So we are joining with other tech-savvy individuals and companies to help make that happen through education, and collaboration with job-related entities across the county. We also offer several educational meetups and classes for new learners and veteran tech professionals alike who wish to enhance their skills.

To Learn More…

Contact us to learn more and send us requests for class topics that you would like to take or teach. This is the local Tech Academy for the community, by the community!