The Nevada County Tech Connection (NCTC) is working to support, connect, and showcase the technology eco-system in Nevada County. Our world-class community of highly experienced, well-connected individuals are committed to helping tech businesses thrive in Nevada County.

NCTC provides events, training, coaching, networking, and mentoring opportunities to continually drive innovation and business performance.

Our Goals

We believe that a strong, diverse, connected tech community is the key to economic growth in our county. To this end, we support a combination of initiatives to develop, grow, connect, and attract tech talent and businesses to Nevada County:

Current areas of focus:

Marketing – Proudly promote the Nevada County tech eco-system to build awareness about and connect local companies as well as showcase our region as a desirable destination in Northern California for tech start ups and employees.

Events – Join us at our monthly TechTonic networking event, where industry experts speak on a wide range of provocative tech-related topics to the Nevada County tech community.

Education – Organize engagement between education, workforce development agencies and companies that rely on technology to support their business.

Recruitment – Identify and collaborate with key public and private talent sourcing initiatives to attract and retain talent in Nevada County. This includes recruitment and engagement of interns, new hires and retention of existing staff.

Talent Development – Develop local employees, remote workers in Nevada County, and sole proprietors by providing training and industry expert presentations through the Connected Communities Academy. Organize, host and facilitate meet ups and events that promote innovation and learning with peers. Proud co-organizers of Nevada County VR MeetUp and FreeCodeCamp. Collaborate with and support the 13 + existing local initiatives.

Advocacy – Ensure that the voice of tech business in our county is amplified and industry needs are heard. Demonstrate public support for efforts that ensure a successful tech business climate.

Next Gen Sector Partnerships from Next Gen Sector Partnerships on Vimeo.

Who We Are

Our partners and champions have been providing valuable input and generating enthusiasm in the tech community for NCTC’s efforts since the organization’s inception in September of 2016.


Michael Anderson (Advocacy Chair) – ClientWorks
Andy Cassano – Nevada City Engineering
Eric Gibbons – High Sierra Electronics, Inc.
James Hipkin (Co-Marketing Chair) – Red8 Interactive
Jonathan Palmer – Autometrix

Marketing and Events

James Hipkin (Co-Chair) – Red8 Interactive
Richard Sink (Co-Chair) – Critical Connections
Ray Baldock – Broadcast & Media Industry Consultant
Barbara Bitner – Burning Violin Studios
Eric Gibbons – High Sierra Electronics, Inc.
Erika Kosina – Marketing and Communications Consulting
Craig Rohrsen – Creekside Video Production
Shavati Karki-Pearl – Nevada County Economic Resource Council 


Stephanie Ortiz (Co-Chair) – Sierra College (Nevada County Campus) 
Jamie LeFebvre (Co-Chair) – Telestream
Kristine Farrell – Business and Career Center of Nevada County
Trisha Dellis – Nevada County School District
Bob Hudelson – AJA Video Systems
Michael Hughes – Nevada Union Adult School
Dr. Louise Johnson – Nevada Union Joint High School District
Scott Mikal-Heine – Nevada Union Joint High School District
Dee Rein – Grass Valley – A Belden Brand
Sandra Scott – Career Technical Education Consultant
Yolande Wilburn – Madelyn Helling Library
Tammy Veralrud – Connecting Point
Steve Monaghan – Nevada County Information & General Services 


Bob Hudelson (Chair) – AJA Video Systems 
Diana Cobb – Jobville
Jamie LeFebvre – Telestream
Jonathan Palmer – Autometrix
Dee Rein – Grass Valley- A Belden Brand

Talent Development

Connected Communities Academy:
(In partnership with the Education Team)
Shavati Karki-Pearl – Nevada County Economic Resource Council
Wendy Sweeny – Business and Career Center of Nevada County

Free Code Camp Nevada County Organizers:
Remington Maxwell – Grass Valley – A Belden Brand
Ryan Trauntvein – GitHUB

NCVR MeetUp Organizers:
Alan Moore – AJA Video Systems
Shaun Case – AJA Video Systems


Michael Anderson (Chair) – ClientWorks
Andy Casano – Nevada City Engineering
Eric Gibbons – High Sierra Electronics
Jonathan Palmer – Autometrix